REVIEW: Antigua 2016 Men's Performance 72 Fashion Golf Wear

Antigua's new line of men's performance golf wear for the 2016 Summer/Fall seasons brings a new level of comfort, style and wearable technology to the game. It's safe to say that you haven't felt or worn fabrics quite like this before.

Antigua Heathered Fabrics Prominent in 2016 Men's polos

Each new golf polo in the Antigua Summer/Fall collection features heathered fabric that is sure to make you stand out. The exaggerated heather fabric was engineered at the yarn level by twisting different types of long filament yarn strands so when inevitably knit into fabric the outcome provides an irregular heather effect, and in-turn becomes the style’s appeal. Sounds pretty fancy, eh?
By using this same technology, any heather effect can be engineered to achieve different levels of contrasting surface appearance, which when embellished by either garment piece dying or dying separate yarns, the fabric takes on a tonal hue.  Antigua takes special care in constructing their heather yarns for performance apparel. 
While developing new fabrics, designers specifically choose the fiber filament and denier size to technically allow the moisture wicking functionality and create the overall heather effect, whether that be a tight heather pattern or the more long irregular pattern featured in Antigua's Element line. End of the day: these technologies and styling techniques equate to a truly unique fabric.


Examples of Antigua's men's heathered polos:

Element simply demonstrates that the fabric of a garment can be the garment…reaffirming the “less is more” adage. The exaggerated heather fabric was engineered at the yarn level by twisting long contrasting strands of color fiber so that when they were inevitably knit into the fabric, the outcome of the irregular heather effect becomes the style’s appeal.

Vision conversely yells color, beautifully. The wash of primary to secondary color stripes is staggered with light, medium and dark heather grey stripes that match back to every piece in the collection. It’s a style to begin a collection with and add styles to, either in a golf shop or in a golfer’s wardrobe. Vision is a must-have at first glance…in every color combination available. It’s truly a feel-good piece that wicks, wears and performs.

I very much enjoyed the feel and comfort of each polo, especially while trapped in a scorching Chicago summer on the course. The heathered fabrics kept me cool during the round, and sweat was whisked away with ease. The shirts are also rather lightweight, which adds to the overall comfort of the shirt even when the heat is on.

Visit the Antigua website for more color options and information on the Performance 72 fashion golf wear line.