REVIEW and CONTEST:, and You Can Too!

I have never taken a golf lesson. Period. I never believed in them, because frankly, there was no one who could convince me that their method of swinging a golf club was better than anything I could come up with. Yeah, I know... how dumb could I be?

At any rate, I recently had the privelage of speaking to Brant Kasbohm, a PGA Professional and Director of Instruction at Brant has a rather unique service that he offers to golfers across the nation (and world, to be honest) by providing video golf lessons based on a user's personal golf swing. In other words, you take a video of your swing, send it to Brant, and he tells you how you can improve your game by using state-of-the-art equipment that you would normally only see on television.

So, I agreed to send in the video of my swing and see what Brant had to say. Being a regular "pull hook" golfer, I figured I had nothing to lose other than the left side of the golf course.

NOTE: In order for Brant and his team to provide an analysis most beneficial for your swing, the proper camera angle should be "face-on" and parallel to your stance. Due to my range availability and small living quarters, I provided video from behind my swing. Regardless of me using a less-than-preferred camera angle, I was honestly amazed at what Brant was able to do with my analysis. Here is my video golf lesson:

Needless to say, this is great stuff. Brant's ability to use technology to pinpoint and illustrate my swing weaknesses and strengths is impressive. Furthermore, the number of different methods on can use to send Brant a video is also very helpful (my video was uploaded by via YouTube). Finally, the turn-around time and response from Brant and his team is amazing; I received my video analysis response in less than 48 hours.

In addition to this video response, the golfer will also receive a text version of the same information emailed to the account provided at sign-up. This is incredibly beneficial if you are a player that likes to take notes on his or her game for later reference, or even to refer to during your next round. Needless to say, the service that Brant and offers to golfers is only matched in value by the feeling of relief you will feel knowing how to fix what is broken in your swing. And, as most of us know, that relief is priceless! I will, without a doubt, use frequently in order to get my game to where I want it to be.


Congrats to contest winners Courtney and Patrick! Thanks to everyone for your submissions.