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REVIEW: 2018 Bridgestone Golf TOUR B Series golf balls


The new and reimagined Bridgestone Golf TOUR B golf balls offer players a fresh take -- and tech -- on an industry favorite. Available in four different models to cater to the widest range of golfers possible, the Bridgestone Golf TOUR B series reminded me why I love this company so much.

Moving Upward and Onward

Bridgestone's super-popular B330 series golf balls not only caught the eye of Tiger Woods, but also millions of amateurs. Thanks to a balance of great distance, feel and control, the B330 family held its own for over 12 years.

So why did Bridgestone decide to drop the "B330" tagline from its flagship model? Simple: the new TOUR B series has more than 330 dimples.

That's right kids: if you want to upgrade the tech and performance of something already great, you might have to rewrite the rule book to make it happen. And, in this case, a naming convention.

What's New in the TOUR B?

Having established an extensive database of millions and millions of golfers swings via their innovative B-Fit ball-fitting app, Bridgestone simply followed where the numbers lead them. The result are four golf ball models that cater to actual consumer data as opposed to designs focused on beating the brand across the aisle.

The new TOUR B series comes in four models: the X, XS, RX, and RXS.

The TOUR B X caters to players looking for improved accuracy without compromising feel. Lower side spin characteristics help you keep the ball on the straight and narrow, perhaps with sacrificing some distance.

The TOUR B XS swaps out a focus on accuracy for more distance, again without losing sight of a soft feel. Expect higher ball speeds that run the gamut across your golf bag.

The TOUR B RX focuses most on a combination of distance plus accuracy and less on overall feel. Players who prefer a the feel of a two-piece ball, for example, may prefer this option.

Finally, the TOUR B RXS -- similar to the XS -- offers more distance with superior feel thanks to Bridgestone's patented SlipRes cover.

So Many Options, What Gives?

If you're wondering why so many options exist, you are not alone.

Bridgestone Golf's website offers a Find My Ball option to recommend a ball based on your individual preferences. This is helpful, but I prefer to take the product out to the course.

My tests of all four models yielded positive results across the board. The balls built for distance delivered on their promise, as did those focused most on soft feel and control. I like all of those variables, of course, and was left wondering which option was best for me.

During my 36 holes of testing, I threw down more than one mulligan to compare the performance of each model on similar shots. I decided against testing on a ball launch monitor, because frankly, driving range performance tells me nothing and on-the-course results matter most.

Which Ball Did I Prefer Most?

Having loved the B330RX in years past, I wasn't surprised to prefer the new TOUR B RX among the group.

Its combination of distance gains -- which were significant and at times 5-10 yards longer -- and lower side spin made par-5's reachable and tucked pins less daunting. The TOUR B RX made me feel like I could hit any target I wanted on the course, and any loss of feel was minimal. Wedges held the green nicely and tee shots rolled out more than my gamers.

This is not to suggest the remaining TOUR B options were unplayable, of course. Each are solid on their own merits; however all variables considered, the TOUR B RX made the most sense for my game.

To learn more about the new Bridgestone TOUR B golf balls, visit www.bridgestonegolf.com today.

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