Relax, Tweeters; Tiger Is Just Fine.

I swear; sometimes this whole social networking thing can be really, really annoying.  And misleading. Somewhere, somehow, a rumor was started on Twitter late last night and into today that Tiger Woods had re-injured his Achilles tendon.  NBCSports Ryan Ballengee explains:

All of a sudden, the golf sector of Twitter went into a frenzy wondering if Tiger Woods had injured his Achilles. Rumors began swirling on the service last night – a somewhat cryptic tweet from a long-time member of the golf world may have helped, but other whispers said Woods had injured himself while skiing (the ole Chris DiMarco injury).

SI’s Alan Shipnuck lent the rumor credibility when he mentioned hearing about the rumor, saying Woods’ representation had yet to confirm or deny the buzz.

Turns out everything in the Woods' Camp was A-OK and Tiger's foot didn't fall off afterall.  In fact, Tiger was actively shooting for his next EA Sports video game installment when he supposedly was "laid up" with the faux injury.  Woods even tweeted a photo of himself standing by his new video game to "prove" that he was alive and well.

Nothing like spreading a completely fake injury via the internet to spark some buzz, right?  You'll never see mention of that rubbish on this site.  No siree-bob.  Nope.

Oh.... wait....

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