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Reaction to Tiger Woods' Statement

Well, the Tiger has come out of his cave and finally offered some information regarding his recent accident, sex scandal, and indefinite leave from golf. Here are just a few bullet points I jotted down while watching the conference on TV:

  • Tiger looked more nervous than I have ever seen before, including prior to his PGA debut.
  • Calling out the media and asking for reporters to "leave my family alone" was definitely a highlight of the conference.
  • Addressing Accenture in the form of gratitude was a little awkward to hear, but still handled nicely.
  • Tiger seemed to get choked up at least twice during his statement, which went longer than I expected.
  • From a local perspective, I could not help by laugh at the fact that Michael Jordan was in attendance, considering the scandals that man has been part of.
  • Addressing the allegation of domestic violence was huge and definitely unexpected. I thought this was the issue that Tiger handled most appropriately.
  • Referencing the allegations surrounding performance enhancing drugs was interesting as I did not expect him to even touch on the subject.
  • Actually referencing the fact that he had "affairs" was also something I did not expect from Tiger and instead expected him to dance around the issue.
  • The whole "believe in me" request at the end of his statement was a little weird.
  • Not offering any indication as to when his return to golf might be was slightly surprising to me, although he did mention he would not rule out 2010.

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