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Why your putting sucks… and how to fix it


Do you struggle with your putting game? Here are three sure-fire ways to fix your putting in time for your next round. I’m a Marketing Professional addicted to golf. This gives me a unique perspective on the golf industry and instructions that are spewed from “golf experts”.

I don’t think I need to explain to you the importance of putting, the direct correlation between lower golf scores and a better short game. I mean the fact that PGA Professionals spend 80% of their time working on their short game speaks for itself, right?

The question then becomes: Why do you see massive amounts of articles about how to hit longer drives and so little about putting drills? Simple, LONG DRIVES SELL. Some of the top marketing professionals in the world have dove into the golf industry and realized when they tell you there’s a quick tool that can add 30 yards to your drive, you pull your wallet out and hand it to them.

So why does your putting suck? Probably because you never think about it, and like everything in life, the first step in solving a problem is realizing that there is one.

How to fix your putting:

1) Be honest with yourself

Do you think you’re a good putter? A bad one? Why? If you’re serious about improving your putting the first step is taking an objective look at your putting. No “feeling” involved. You may “feel” like you’re a good putter, but do your statistics back it up? What’s your average putts-per-round? Taking an honest look at your putting is the first step in identifying how it can be improved. Spoiler alert: No matter how good you think your putting is, it can be improved.

Takeaway: Start keeping track of your putts-per-round.

2) Practice putting - Seriously

“OH WOW NICE TIP DUDE, DUH!” Yea I said it, practice your putting, actually practice your putting. How many hours do you spend at the putting green? I guarantee not enough. How many times have you gone to your local range, planning on going to the putting green, but then seen that new driver staring at you waiting to be smashed? Or had an hour at the range and decided to spend just 15 minutes hitting balls, then chipping/putting for 45 minutes… which turns into you hitting balls for 50 minutes and quickly swiping a few putts for the last 10.

Takeaway: Get serious about practicing your putting. Go to the range with just your putter. Take the temptations away and focus on the flat stick.

3) Stop Thinking

We play in a golf industry strangled by the over production of technical content that pollutes the minds of weekend golfers. The last thing your should be doing while trying to make that 5 footer for birdie is thinking about whether or not your keeping your elbows together during your putting stroke. NEVER think about technique on the golf course. Look at the target, focus on it, roll the ball to it. A trust filled stroke will always outperform an unconfident, technically perfect stroke. If you do want to improve your technique, work your putting drills at the practice green. Even there, don’t overdue it. A natural, confident stroke will always be your best.

Takeaway: Stop taking putting so seriously (on the course). Just relax and roll the ball into the hole.

Bio: August Noble is the founder of the Golf Workout Program. An average golfer that was able to actually improve his game by ignoring what 99% of the information from “golf experts”.

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