ProtoSports X Mount Turns Your Smartphone into a Golf Swing Trainer


Sometimes the simplest ideas make the biggest impact. That's the thought that went behind the new ProtoSports X Mount camera brace, which turns your smartphone and swing alignment stick into a camera man. If you're like me, you've probably wanted to videotape your golf swing at the driving range. The most convenient camera choice would be to use my iPhone, but I always struggled with finding a way to position the camera behind me on the range. Tripods were either too short or too expensive, which meant my phone stayed in my pocket. The ProtoSports X Mount eliminates that problem.

After securing your smartphone in the ProtoSports X Mount brace, simply affix an alignment rod to the bottom of the brace and stick the opposite end into the grass. Voila! You've got a sturdy camera "tripod" that you can use to record your golf swing. Brilliant.

"Unlike other expensive tripods and bulky video stands, the X Mount provides an affordable, light weight design that allows the entire kit to be rolled up and carried in any average-sized backpack," said Kyle Stiles, ProtoSports' CEO. "The portable design makes it easy to carry around and setup when the perfect opportunity presents itself."

What I like most about this product is that it can be used anywhere, and not just for taping my golf swing. I see the ProtoSports X Mount as being a staple at family reunions, holiday parties, graduations and anywhere else that a tall camera stand would benefit.

Retailing at only $9.95 for the brace ($6.95 for an alignment rod), the ProtoSports X Mount is the perfect solution for all your camera support needs. be sure to support their cause by visiting the Kickstarter campaign site here.