[youtube=]For many golfers this season, pain and discomfort will likely be as common to their game as a 5-iron or sand trap.  Years of twisting and turning one's body to complete the complex motion that is the golf swing can certainly wreak havoc on your muscles and joints... especially at the beginning of the season.  While there are many different muscle-pain products on the market today, most of which are saturated in commercial bi-products and other chemicals that leave you guessing on what exactly is being applied to your skin. Launched in February 2010, MuscleCare by Dr. Chris Oswald is an alternative to the "traditional" muscle cream that can help relieve pain in your joints and muscles via the use of organic and holistic ingredients you can find at your local vitamin shoppe.  The active ingredient in MuscleCare is magnesium, which elicits the relaxation of arterial smooth muscle and aids in enabling skeletal muscle to relax.  According to product research, MuscleCare produced results that were 44%, 105%, and a whopping 1700% more effective than national leading brands of muscle and joint ointment.  Furthermore, and perhaps most important, MuscleCare is clinically and scientifically proven to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm with absolutely zero side effects.

The test products I received included a 3 oz. Extra-Strength Roll-On Gel and a 4oz. bottle of MuscleCare ointment.  Having played golf for many years and undergone a total knee reconstruction within the last two years, I am constantly battling sore joints and muscles in my back and around my surgically-repaired knee.  After a recent round of golf I decided to put MuscleCare to the test and applied the product to both my knee and lower back.

Results and relief were literally instant.  The sensation the product provides to your muscles is similar to other ointments (a cool, sharp sensation to start followed by a hot, relaxing sensation), however the main difference I noticed was the ointment continued to provide relief for a full hour after initial application.  In the past when using similar products for pain relief, my skin would often break out in a rash due to the harsh chemicals included in the ointment; however, MuscleCare caused absolutely no rash or side effects on my skin, even after a second application an hour later.  As such, I would not only recommend MuscleCare to help you with your pain, but I will continue to use this product as opposed to any other cream on the market.

The retail rice for MuscleCream Roll-On Gel is $19.99 while the Ointment sells for $25.99.  It is currently sold at over 250 Duane Reade stores,, and over 1000 pharmacies in Canada.