PREVIEW: PING G series golf clubs

PING Golf unveiled their new G Series line of golf clubs on Monday, which includes a new driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. From the PING Golf website:

“It’s a credit to the imagination and the disciplined approach of our engineering, design and research teams that we’ve elevated performance across every category in new and exciting ways, innovation that will make the game easier for golfers of every ability level,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “Our design process is different, as we gather information from the world around us, study new materials, and test rigorously to make sure our products give golfers meaningful results. The process leads to breakthroughs like Dragonfly Technology and Vortec Technology, found in the G drivers. We’ve also created a specialized heat-treatment process and COR-Eye Technology to make the G irons longer, higher-launching and more forgiving, a combination that’s very difficult to achieve. And with the new Crossover product line, an entirely new category, there’s a lot to be excited about.”

Mr. Solheim seems awfully excited about their new clubs. Let's break down what he said a little bit.

PING G Series Driver

Fresh off the massively successful PING G30 driver, the new PING G Series boomstick looks eerily similar to its predecessor... just with more Turbulators.

The funky looking crown on the driver is supposedly designed to mimic that of a dragonfly's wings (hence the reference to Dragonfly Technology in Solheim's quote). This design, which basically extends the Turbulators aeordynamic tech across the entire crown, minimizes drag as you swing the club. Combined with the new Vortec stabilizing technology on the back of the club, the PING G series promises to be one of the most stable drivers on the market.