PREVIEW: Nike RZN Tour Golf Ball

Nike Golf, on the heels of announcing their newest tour staff players yesterday, has unveiled their new Nike RZN Tour golf ball line for 2016. The new RZN balls come in two models -- the Nike RZN Tour Black and Nike RZN Tour Platinum. Each ball features four key components in their design: RZN 4.0, Speedlock X Core, Speedlock Mantle and something Nike is calling a "Flight Suit Cover." Apparently these combine to offer the player a soft-feeling golf ball with an upgrade in distance.

What the heck is a "Flight Suit Cover?"

From Nike Golf:

The ball’s Flight Suit cover features visible technology: 344 dimples and 13,558 micro dimples. To achieve longer ball flight, engineers utilized advanced aerodynamics by adding the micro dimples, strategically spread across the cover of the ball, which help facilitate improved lift and drag properties, especially at the end of the ball flight.

So, basically, it's a cover with double the dimples to keep your golf ball in the air longer. Hence, "flight suit."