PREVIEW: Loudmouth Golf 2015 Winter Collection

Loudmouth Golf is back with four new pattern styles for the 2015 winter season: Ice Pick, 8-Track, Bohemian and Black & White. “Ice Pick” – This urban winter design uses less color than Loudmouth's traditional rainbow palette, but the sharp shapes still speak for themselves.

“8-Track” – Loudmouth Designer, Woody, loves the 1960s retro style so much, he modeled this design after an old-school diner counter top. For those of you who don’t know what an 8-track is, ask your mom or dad.

“Bohemian” – Woody went back a decade further to the 1950s and experimented with a unique colorway of merlot, persimmon and lime punch. Wear these to the cool cafes or coffee shops where beatniks chill.

“Black & White” – Black and white has always been a strong “color” combination and argyle has always been a top-selling pattern. Loudmouth put the two together and voila! Black & White Argyle!

“I usually disregard seasonal color, and do colorful things all the time,” says Loudmouth Founder & Designer, Woody. “This year, we ‘followed’ the seasons, but in our own way. At Loudmouth, we never follow, we always lead!”

Loudmouth Golf’s 2015 Winter Collection is available for both men and women and includes pants, shorts, skorts and hats. In addition to the stocked items, Loudmouth offers Made-to-Order (MTO) clothing, which lets customers customize the waist size and length of their garment to provide the ultimate fit.

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