PREVIEW: Cut Golf Balls


No, this isn't a preview about golf balls with large gashes in their cover. Cut Golf is a new indie golf ball brand looking to make a splash in a highly saturated market, and they are looking to compete with the big boys. Based in Costa Mesa, California, Cut Golf Co. is a startup with a goal to offer high-quality golf balls for a fraction of the price when compared to their brand name competitors. Following a direct-to-consumer business model seen in similar indie brands, Cut Golf ads a small twist in their product offering.

Their golf balls will follow a subscription model.

The concept couldn’t be simpler. Customers select the ball they want, how many they want and how often they want them. Subscription plans are tailored to customers playing frequency and can be adjusted at any time. With a few clicks, Cut Golf balls are shipped monthly to a member’s doorstep, saving time and money.

Trust me: golf balls arriving on your doorstep is like Christmas morning.

“As a golfer, I never understood why golf balls were so expensive. We dug in and found a way to offer high quality product at a low price," said Sam Uisprapassorn, co-founder of Cut Golf. "Cut Golf as a brand is all about having fun on the course and saving money is one very direct way of accomplishing that. A more affordable ball allows us to share our passion and grow the game."

I know what you're thinking: are these golf balls any good?

According to Trackman data made available from our new friends at Cut Golf, they most certainly are. (*The Cut Golf balls are marked as "Proto" in the data output below)

While that information might be tough to read, the Cut Golf balls carried as good as -- if not better -- than the Kirkland four piece and Titleist ProV1X with driver, 6-iron, and PW testing.

During a time when it seems that every new golf ball that is released promises to "outperform" the market leaders, there will obviously be a lot of interest in this new kid on the block.

Stay tuned for more information (including a review) of these golf balls on GU in the near future.

Until then, visit for more info.