PREVIEW: Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 Mallet Putters

CLEVELAND GOLF® is proud to introduce their new TFi® 2135 Mallet Styles putters. These stylish new flatsticks launch on Friday, September 16, 2016. Four new Cleveland Golf TFi 2135 putter models incorporate 2135 Raised Alignment and the True Feel Innovation (TFi) insert in modern mallet shapes. With 2135 putter technology, the sightline is positioned at the exact center axis of the golf ball – 21.35 millimeters from the ground – to help achieve perfect putting alignment regardless of address position. If your eyes aren’t directly over the golf ball at address, a sightline on the bottom flange can cause misalignment.

The TFi insert features a milled, copper-infused aluminum face over a soft polymer layer to enhance feel. This technology also helps redistribute approximately 90 grams of mass to the perimeter of the putter body, which raises MOI for increased forgiveness and more distance on off-center putter impacts.

Each TFi 2135 mallet putter has a clean design with few distractions to emphasize the raised sightline and focus the golfer’s eyes on alignment.

Three different models – Elevado, Mezzo and Cero – are available in 33”, 34” and 35” length options with a Lamkin® Smooth Pistol grip at a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of $159.99. The Elevado is also offered in a Counter Balanced model, which features a heavier putter head (+35 grams) and Lamkin Smooth Pistol Counter Balanced grip (+70 grams) for additional putting stroke stability. The Elevado CB is available in 35” and 38” length options at $199.99 MAP (TFi 2135 Mallet Styles are available in right-hand only).

For golfers who prefer an oversized, paddle-shaped grip with minimal tapering, Cleveland Golf is featuring the WinnPro X 1.32” grip as a standard custom option. This comfortable shape is made with Winn’s tacky Excel polymer material and is designed to reduce wrist movement during the stroke. The WinnPro X 1.32” grip is available at a $10.00 MAP upcharge in TFi 2135 Mallet Styles.