PREVIEW: Bridgestone Golf's BFIT Ball Fitting App


Bridgestone Golf recently released the first-ever mobile ball launch monitor smartphone app, the Bridgestone BFIT app. Used primarily for ball-fitting purposes, the free Bridgestone BFIT app seeks to educate golfers in a way never available before in a mobile package. bridgestone BFIT app

How it Works

First of all, if you think it's impossible to replicate a $25,000 ball launch monitor's capabilities in a mobile app, you're probably right. Bridgestone is making no claims that their app is meant to replace any product from Trackman, Foresight, or any other well-known devices commonly used by Tour pros and master club fitters.

But most golfers don't have access to those super-expensive monitors, especially the type of player who would benefit the most from the data. That's where the Bridgestone BFIT app has a place.

Tapping into a decade-old database comprised of over two million golf swings, BFIT allows the user to film his or her golf swing via their smartphone camera. The user follows the on-screen instructions to tap on specific points throughout the recorded swing, which allows the app to calculate metrics like ball speed, club speed, launch angle and estimated distance.

Users then receive a recommended ball fit for the Bridgestone golf ball that would best fit their game.

“For the past decade we have separated ourselves from all other manufacturers by truly mastering the art of golf ball fitting, as it is an absolutely crucial aspect of optimizing performance,” says Adam Rehberg, Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting. “With the BFIT app we’re removing any barriers to ball fitting, as players will no longer need to come to special events or spend money on fancy launch monitors, we’re giving everyone all the necessary tools for free.”

BFIT screen shot

A Few Drawbacks

Unfortunately, the BFIT app is only available for iPhone 6 or later. This is due to the app requiring a high-speed camera to work properly, which is not available in earlier smartphones. The app will be available on Android in the near future.

Second, you need someone to hold the camera while you swing. I don't go to the driving range with someone else very often, and I'm not likely to ask another random golfer to video me. A tripod or similar device may be a good substitute, if you own one.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on this app, which can be downloaded by clicking this link. Leave your comments below.