Announcing the New PING G30 Club Series


PING Golf has just announced their newest club series -- the G30 -- which spans across drivers, fairway woods and irons. With a few technological tweaks here and there, the PING G30 clubs promise to make a huge impact on the mid-to-high handicap player demographic. ping g30 driver

PING G30 Driver

The new fully-adjustable PING G30 driver looks and feels a lot like the G25 or i25 driver series, but a new clubhead design promote faster swing speeds due to lower air drag. How does PING pull this off? It's all about aerodynamics, dude.

The PING G30 driver features these weird little bumps things on the clubhead crown called "turbulators." As the name suggests, these promise to cut down on clubhead turbulence as it cuts through the air during your golf swing. This promotes a 1- to 2-mph increase in clubhead speed (on average), which could mean as much as 10-15 extra yards off the tee.

Here's a video describing all those golf nerd stuff in more detail.

ping g30 fairway

PING G30 Fairway Woods

The G30 adjustable fairway woods also feature the new turbulator bumps, suggesting these clubs are also built to give you more distance. Each clubhead features a super-thin face and perimeter weighting to help you launch the ball higher and longer than previous models. Each fairway wood can be adjusted in 1-degree increments thanks to PING's Trajectory Tuning technology.

ping g30 irons

PING G30 Irons

Finally, the new G30 irons feature game improvement technology that is meant for mid-to-high handicappers but versatile enough to be used by better players as well. Progressive lengths and lofts and a thin face that maximizes ball speed help launch the ball farther and higher with control.

This versatile sole design is engineered to perform well with any angle of attack. Progressive offset generates higher ball flights in the longer irons and penetrating, controlled trajectories with the scoring clubs. Slightly longer blade lengths increase forgiveness, most noticeably in the 4 through 7 iron.