PICS: Callaway Reveals New Odyssey Works Tank Putters

This new line is made up of 4 popular Odyssey head shapes: #7, V-Line, #1 Wide and 2-Ball Fang. Each of these models offers 5 gram, 15 gram and 30 gram counterbalance weight options in the grip. The head weights in the #7, V-Line and #1 Wide models can be adjusted to 365 grams, 375 grams or 385 grams. The 2-Ball Fang head weight can be adjusted to 375 grams, 385 grams or 395 grams. These putter models also come standard with a Superstroke grip.

At first blush it appears Callaway is following the trend of providing putters with counterbalance technology, possibly in an attempt to win over all you naughty "anchorers" who have to covert back to a more traditional putter style in 2016.

The adjustable counterbalance weighting is designed specifically so that golfers can fine-tune the weighting to match their putting stroke. A heavier counterbalance can help take the hands and wrists out of the stroke for a smoother, more consistent motion. And a lighter counterbalance weight helps activate the hands for a more “feel” type of stroke. With adjustable head weights, a heavier head can add stability and a lighter head can provide more feel.

The new Odyssey line feeds into the modern-day popularity of adjustable golf clubs, which (on paper) provides players maximum customization to fit their game. Or increased confusion on which weight combination works best... but let's not split hairs.

Take a peak at our gallery below. Each putter model will retail for $249 and will be available for pre-order as of October 16, 2015.