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Nicklaus' Grandson is Suspended from HS Football Team

With the NFL Season now underway and the PGA FedEx Cup Playoffs in its third round, what better way to tie the two together than mention this little gem of a story?

According to the BleacherReport, the grandson of golf legend Jack Nicklaus has been suspended by his high school football team for making an obscene gesture to the crowd following one of his games.

Nick O'Leary, one of the top tight ends in the country and the grandson of golf legend Jack Nicklaus, will sit out the next two games after being suspended by Florida officials after making an obscene gesture toward the stands following a game against Cleveland's Glenville High on Monday.

O'Leary is ranked #1 in the nation for his position by Rivals, so the kid knows how to play. Unfortunately for him, however, a bad temper and poor decision-making skills still need to be ironed out during his maturation process as a football player.

What is even more interesting, however, is how O'Leary's football team reacted to this suspension.

After "disciplining" his player for making the gesture (which was caught on video, by the way), Coach Jack Daniels (really his name, not kidding) had the following to say regarding the league's decision to uphold the suspension:

"We think it's a bunch of crap," Daniels said, according to The Palm Beach Post. "There are no repercussions for the adults who made the calls on the field, but there is for an 18-year-old kid who reacted in the heat of the moment.

"You have a kid who has busted his butt since August. He played 140 snaps against Glenville, on both sides, punting and returning kicks. He was frustrated."

Later, Daniels went so far as to suggest that his team would consider forfeting their final two games of the season out of respect for star tight end. This idea lasted about all of two seconds, however, after the league informed Daniels that the team would be considered ineligible for postseason play should they move forward with the forfeits.

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