NEW: Srixon Z-STAR, Z-STAR XV and Q-STAR TOUR Golf Balls

Srixon Golf has unveiled three new golf balls for the 2017 season ahead of this week's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla.: the Srixon Z-STAR, Z-STAR XV and Q-STAR TOUR.

All three golf balls come with a slew of big promises for golfers of any handicap level. Of course, if my history with Srixon products is any indication, these golf balls will deliver as advertised.

2017 Srixon Ball Lineup

2017 Srixon Ball Lineup


The new Z-STAR is longer off the tee and softer than ever before for improved greenside spin performance, perfect for skilled players that demand ultimate control from a tour-level golf ball. Featuring a refined, slightly softer Energetic Gradient Growth core, the Z-STAR generates higher ball speeds on full shots for exceptional distance when compared to earlier models.

A new 338 Speed Dimple pattern enhances performance in the wind with a better combination of dimple occupancy and uniformity, which lowers drag for more aerodynamic flight and enhanced distance. The new third-generation Spin Skin® coating helps create even more friction by further decreasing the amount of urethane bonding points, imparting better spin control without sacrificing full-shot performance.


The new Z-STAR XV, like the Z-STAR, is designed for skilled players that demand maximum performance from a tour-level golf ball. Also like the Z-STAR, it features the new 338 Speed Dimple pattern for less drag and enhanced distance performance, and the third-generation Spin Skin® coating for even more friction and greenside spin control.

The most significant difference with the Z-STAR XV is its Dual Energetic Gradient Growth core, providing the advanced four-piece construction that makes it perfect for golfers that demand more distance in the tour performance golf ball category. The inner core is larger and softer than the previous model, and the outer core has a more consistent hardness to help increase ball speed for improved distance, especially for players with high swing speed.


More golfers are purchasing lower compression golf balls to enjoy better feel and performance on the golf course. With the Q-STAR Tour, Srixon has a premium, 3-piece urethane cover ball with a lower compression, designed especially for skilled golfers that don’t have tour-level swing speeds but demand tour level performance and feel from their golf ball.

The Energetic Gradient Growth core promotes seamless energy transfer for incredible ball speed on full shots and more consistent launch and spin. The Speed Dimple pattern lowers drag for better performance in the wind, and the Spin Skin® coating adds flexibility to improve friction at impact for better greenside spin control. This product is a new category entry for Srixon and figures to be a phenomenal fit for many players.