New EA Sports/Tiger Woods Game to Feature Augusta National

Well it's about damn time. According to ESPN's Bob Harig, the 2012 installment of EA Sport's Tiger Woods golf video game will feature Augusta National as a playable course for gamers. 

Officials at the storied Georgia golf course, home to the annual Masters Tournament, announced Tuesday that Augusta National is joining forces with EA Sports to be part of its 2012 installment of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf game franchise.  The game will go on sale March 29, just a few weeks before the 75th playing of the Masters, and allow participants to "play" the Augusta National course by "qualifying" for and attempting to win the Masters.

Harig goes on to state that this game addition is part of a larger charity initiative by the Masters and Augusta National Chairman Billy 'I Piss Everyone Off Once a Year" Payne.  According to Payne:

"We hope our inclusion will foster an appreciation for the history and traditions of the Masters and inspire the next generation of golfers. Equally important is its ability to help further the mission of the Masters Tournament Foundation with the entirety of its proceeds."

Alright Billy!  Finally something I can wholeheartedly agree with coming out of your mouth!

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