My Feel-Good Pick for the Open? Ryan Moore

With the British Open just around the corner, the best golfers in the world will once again be tested on the birthplace of golf, St. Andrews (sort-of, unless you consider the slight facelift, but whatever). As with most other Majors, I'm going to be rooting for a name not commonly seen in the spotlight during "The Big Four" to be my feel-good pick to win the tournament: Ryan Moore.

As Craig Dolch states on the website, Moore features the temperment of Freddy and the game of... well, Freddy and can be seen as a true possibility to win the Claret Jug in a season that has seen at least one unlikely Major winner in Graeme McDowell. By the way, is there a name more fun to type than "Graeme"? I think not, but I digress.

The PGA's own version of Frank Sinatra, Ryan Moore has done everything his own way. For most of his young career he has been the alternative-dressed, no-sponsorship, shaggy-faced golfer seen strutting down the fairways without making too much noise in the process. With the exception of his 2009 win at the Wyndam Championship, Moore has quietly worked his way into the spotlight by his pure golfing talent, complete with impressive displays of short game prowess that even Lefty can appreciate.

Moore's only other British Open spot came in 2005 when he could have entered as the reigning US Amateur champion, however decided he would much rather turn pro instead (not surprising there, you rebel you). As Dolch references in his article, Moore seemed to take the bigger picture into account when making his decision:

"I felt that it was kind of my priority to get on the PGA TOUR at that time, and it was hard for me to wait another month and pass up a few good tournaments," Moore said. "Obviously (I'm) pretty darned happy to be in the British at St. Andrews. You can't get a better spot than that. It's a very different style of golf for sure. It's different but fun in its own way."
Being different and fun in a unique way? Certainly nothing new for Moore, regardless of his recent sponsorship agreement now seen ever-so-discretely on his military-style cap.