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Monty Talks Too Much

Allow me to first declare that I have never liked the man as a person, but respected Colin Montgomerie as a player because, well... he's pretty darn good. But over the past couple of days, Monty has really taken his crass, arrogant attitude to another level.

According to the Canadian Press, Monty is predicting that the return of Tiger Woods (whenever that ends up being) will be one that sees the world's number one golfer struggle and fail to reach "iconic status" once again:

Colin Montgomerie believes Tiger Woods will return from his marital problems to
win more majors but says he won't be the iconic player who dominated golf for
the past decade. Woods has taken an indefinite leave from the game after
admitting to infidelity. Europe's Ryder Cup captain told BBC Radio on
Sunday that he had no doubt Woods would come back and add to his 14 majors, but
said his mystique had now gone.

Thatta boy Monty, way to kick a guy when he's down! I always thought you had very little tact when it came to these sorts of things (especially when it involved an American golfer), but you've surprised even me once again. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... you are also this year's European Ryder Cup Captain!

European Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie said winning the 2010 team event would be like capturing the major title that has always eluded him.
The 46-year-old Briton has been a major championship runner-up five times and often labelled as one of the best golfers never to have won the British or U.S. Opens, the U.S. Masters or U.S. PGA.
"It (the Ryder Cup) has been a major part of my career and my
life and hopefully the result goes our way and it will be my own major, albeit
without hitting a golf shot," Montgomerie said in an interview with Sky
"You can't be a runner-up at the Ryder Cup. Winning it would be the
icing on the cake of my career, my so-called major win."

Wow. So let me get this straight; Europe winning the Ryder Cup under your watch will be the same as you winning an individual honor of the greatest degree in your sport. So you basically just stated that this team of talented players are all out there to win this Cup for you only? Because you couldn't play well enough to win a tournament for yourself? Great team chemistry, Monty. Well played.

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