DUFF TEST: Mizuno Golf MP-T5 Wedge


mizuno golf mp-t5Mizuno Golf is well known for offering some of the highest quality and performing golf clubs on the market. However, they aren't well know for their short game clubs. Their new Mizuno MP-T5 wedges aim to change that, and they've made a valiant effort. We tested the chrome Mizuno Golf MP-T5 wedge with 54 degrees of loft and 8 degrees of bounce. As always, this review will focus on the club's look, feel and performance.


Out of the box -- or off the shelf, depending on your situation -- the Mizuno MP-T5 wedge is absolutely gorgeous. The company states that PGA Tour pro Luke Donald had a lot to do with the club's teardrop appearance, including the tour-grind sole that hugs the turf. This wedge looks ready to attack at address, seemingly "digging" under the bottom of your golf ball like a knife.

The new MP-T5 wedge by my friends at @Golf_Mizuno #lowbounce #golf

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At impact, the Mizuno MP-T5 wedge feels and sounds solid and soft, which is a feel I prefer with my clubs. You feel a good amount of feedback in your hands with every shot, letting you know immediately if you've miss-hit the shot in any way. This is incredibly important information to get from your scoring clubs.


For amateur golfers like you and me, every wedge basically does the same thing. Most of us aren't good enough to tell the difference from one scoring club to the next, other than what we see with our eyes. The Mizuno MP-T5 wedge spun my three-piece golf ball nicely when hit off the fairway and out of a greenside bunker. I seemed to lose some spin out of the rough, which is normal.

My normal carry distance for a 54-degree wedge is about 70 yards. The Mizuno MP-T5's clubhead weight seemed heavier than normal, which resulted in a full shot to carry about 75 yards. I appreciated this slight bump is distance, but it took some getting used to.


The Mizuno Golf MP-T5 wedge is one of the better wedges I've tested this season. The club's feel, weight, and distance boost were all pleasant surprises even if the spin rate was slightly lower than what I would prefer.