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Mickelson Missing Woods?

Just when you thought you might have read every single angle possible regarding the Tiger Woods scandal, blogger Jason Logan comes out with an interesting angle regarding Phil Mickelson:

Can’t remember which talking head said so on Golf Channel’s excruciatingly long
SBS preview show, but I agree with the theory that Phil Mickelson likely doesn’t
look at Woods’s indefinite absence as an open door to take over as the tour’s
top dog; rather he might see it as a missed opportunity to take on Tiger while
at the top of his game. Why? Because he did so last season on a couple of
occasions thanks to renewed confidence in his putting stroke. One gets the
feeling he was relishing the chance to go up against Woods as soon as possible.
Now that the mano-a-mano opportunity is gone for now will Mickelson’s motivation
level dwindle too?

I have to admit, this was not an angle that I ever considered, probably because it makes little to no sense in the grand scheme of Lefty's personality or attitude toward Tiger. Sure, beating Woods at the top of his game would be a great feather for Phil to stick in his cap, but we never really heard a peep out of Phil echoing this desire even when Tiger's secrets were still under wraps.

There is probably no question that at some point this year, Tiger will no longer be the world's number one in terms of official statistics, and chances are Lefty will take the top spot sooner or later. However, with new rumors and reports stating that Tiger might be returning as early as March, Phil and the rest of the PGA Tour only have three months to make his stand in the rankings.

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