McDowell Wins, Miller Loses

With a two-putt from 20 feet on the 72nd hole at Pebble Beach, Graeme McDowell finished a fantastic week of golf by winning the 2010 US Open. And, in a way that only he can, Johnny Miller made an ass out of himself the whole way.

Even in the midst of the first European-born professional to win the US Open since the 1970's, Miller could not help but make ridiculous remarks focusing on the fact that McDowell was from Northern Ireland. For example, as McDowell made his way to the 18th green after hitting his approach shot to within winning-range, Miller could not help but offer up this gem:

"Can you imagine how David Feherty feels?"

Yes, we get it. Irish golfers unite! No one on the face of the planet could be more fitting to represent the great country of Ireland than David Feherty. I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but I definitely received the memo in the mail stating that knucklehead of a golf commentator is obviously the equivalent to the Irish Ambassador.

Now before I get thrown to the wolves, let me declare that I think Feherty is absolutely hysterical, a great analyst (when he chooses to be), a fairly decent player back in his day, and flat-out inspirational when considering his biking skills and how they relate to his love of working the game he loves. And frankly, I don't care what McCord says about him.

But for the love of everything sane, could Johnny Miller be any more clueless about attributing the emotion that McDowell might feel regarding this Major championship win?

I'm probably overreacting to this entire ordeal, but pardon me for wanting my television commentators to be passionate, memorable, and historic when I think back about the event I am witnessing unfold before me. What do I recall when I think of memorable golf tournaments?

"Better than most..."

"Yes sir!!..."

"In your LIFE have you ever seen anything like that?"

Call me old-fahioned, but I don't really care what David Feherty might be thinking during the final hole of a US Open.