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Make your mark with the Golf Ball Stamp

Image When it comes to marking your golf ball, most players resort to the traditional Sharpie

marker and a few dots around the ball's logo. Thanks to the new Golf Ball Stamp, you can add a bit of flair and personality to your ball prior to your next round.

The premise is simple: marking your golf balls the same way you might mark an envelope or piece of paper. The folks over at GolfBallStamp.net bring the simplicity of a stamp to your golf bag so you can mark all of your balls with a custom design or initials of your choosing.

To use the stamp, simply balance the stamp on it's wide base on any flat surface. While bracing the stamp with one hand, roll your golf ball over the ink-covered face of the stamp. Voila! You have a uniquely- marked golf ball in a matter of seconds.

The Golf Ball Stamp retails for $24.95, comes with a refill cartridge and can be customized to your preference.

To learn more about the Golf Ball Stamp, visit their company website at www.golfballstamp.net.

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