Love on the Professional Golf Circuit

When speaking about professional athletics, a lot of things go without saying. A few athletes will get in trouble for gambling, or for breaking the law, or for having a little too much to drink one night at a club. These "athletes behaving badly" have become somewhat of a staple for American pop culture, and this probably will not change for a very, very long time.

But what about those athletes looking for just a little bit of love?

It seems that the sporting fan society is more interested in learning about what athlete cheated on his/her wife/husband this month, especially hen considering the last few months surrounding the PGA Tour. But what about all of the single athletes not tied down to the commitment of marriage, or even a steady significant other? Is it so wrong for these athletes to... well, get little?

The same can certainly be said for professional golfers. These athletes travel from city to city, week to week much like other professional sport teams, but with one major difference: they are more than likely by themselves, and they've got 4 to 5 days on average to kill.

In a recent interview in Golf Magazine, one of the more popular players on the LPGA Tour (and Twitter extraordinare) Christina Kim comments on the life of a professional golfer and how it can sometimes get in the way of certain "needs".

"It isn't very easy to get laid out here", Kim states. "If one of the
guys on the PGA Tour is feeling lonely, there is always a nice selection of so-called rope hoppers, those pretty young things who show up at tournaments in short skirts and ... heels and preen by the gallery ropes, hoping to attract a wandering eye."

Of the LPGA Tour, she writes [in her new book]: "I'm sure the average golf fan would be shocked to know how much we talk about sex during tournament rounds."

Interesting point-of-view from one of the more jovial players in the game, although I don't think these ladies have too much to worry about it finding a little action while on the road. Unless, of course, you are Laura Davies.