Loudmouth Golf Presents Spring 2015 Collection

Loudmouth Golf has unveiled their next batch of sweet-ass golf attire patterns for the Spring 2015 season, according to my friends over at Loudmouth HQ. Take a look at these new styles and tell me you aren't drooling already:

Yep. That sound you just heard? That was me dropping everything and finding a way to work these new patterns into my golf wardrobe. Or, as I like to call it, my "how can I embarrass my wife at the next family gathering" collection.

Just kidding! I love everything about Loudmouth Golf, and this season's new offerings are no exception. What's that? You want to know a little more about each pattern? Here's a good ol' fashioned cut-and-paste job of the Loudmouth press release they sent me. YAY ATTRIBUTING SOURCES.

“Jolly Roger” available January 2015 – Based on the overwhelming success of Shiver Me Timbers (the black & white version), we spruced up this skull and paisley design in a rainbow of colors. Arrrrrr.

“Nassau” available January 2015 – Named after Woody’s favorite vacation spot, this is our first vertical stripe design in seven years featuring the tropical hues of the Bahamas.

“Blueberry Pie” available February 2015 – Who doesn’t crave a slice of this Blueberry plaid pie?

“Shamrocks II” available February 2015 – This year’s St. Patrick’s Day design is a remake of the original embroidered Shamrocks pant design. But this year, it's green on the right, and white on the left. Can St. Paddy’s Day get any wilder?

“Vintage Pink Flamingos” available February 2015 – Flamingos are loud (literally). A flock of flamingos on a pant is even louder.

“Dixie” available March 2015 – Whether you’re throwing a stone on the sheet, or driving a ball down the fairway, this argyle pattern is made for second place.