Lizzie Driver Golf Apparel Review

lizzie driver poloLizzie Driver is an up-and-coming female golf apparel line started by two longtime friends who share an obsession with golf and a vision to bring high quality fashion to women on and off the course. We recently had the chance to try out some of the company's new items for the fall 2014 season. Well, allow me to clarify. When I say "we" tried out the newest styles from Lizzie Driver, I really mean "my wife tried these items out." I take my golf reviews very seriously, but even I have to draw the line somewhere.

According to the company's mission statement, Lizzie Driver caters to women 30-years-old and above while "countering the notion that golf clothes don’t have to be beautiful." Our product tester absolutely agreed with this sentiment, adding that "these clothes don't see like the dorky female golf clothes that other companies jam down our throats."

Did I mention my wife has a certain way with words?

For this review, our tester was able to try out one of the company's Short Sleeve Shirt polos, similar to the Proud Peacock Short Sleeve. This item is your classic golf polo design with a slight twist (one that our tester greatly appreciated): a 1” notch at the hem for extra flexibility. This is incredibly important for the female golfer, as polos from other brands are often very constricting during the golf swing, especially for women who are lower handicap players. Our tester pinpointed this feature as the highlight of the shirt.

In addition to the polo, our tester also tried out a pair of Lizzie Driver golf pants, similar to the Mountain Bluebird Long Pant. These were also found to be incredibly comfortable and flexible, prompting our tester to admit that she would feel perfectly fine wearing these pants while golfing or in the office. That sounds exactly like what Lizzie Driver designers were trying to accomplish with their product line.

lizzie driver pants

Overall, our product tester was extremely pleased with Lizzie Driver golf apparel. While some of the patterns and designs won't appeal to every taste, the comfort and flexibility inherent in every piece of clothing sets this company apart from others still trying to reach that level.

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