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LINKSOUL by John Ashworth Golf Line

There's not much I like more than a new comfortable golf shirt. I'm not much of a guy for wild designs on my clothing, either, so you won't see me walking around in Rickie Fowler-orange from head to toe. Solid colors, maybe a pair of print shorts, and comfortable walking shoes make for a pleasant round of golf for your's truly. Luckily, LINKSOUL by John Ashworth satisfies my need for both comfort and simple style.

Most golfers will recognize the name "Ashworth" as they have been providing high-quality clothing and golf products for decades. LINKSOUL is the newest brainchild from the founders of Ashworth and looks to take style toward a unique spin on traditional golf with innovative clothing technology. Their styles are relaxed and sophisticated, range from shirts to pants, and almost all articles can be worn beyond the golf course.

“LINKSOUL is an evolution of true design sensibilities, not only as it relates to product, but also promoting the art and soul of the game. This is about clothing that we and our close-knit group of friends enjoy wearing, and also appeals to a much broader, like-minded audience. We want to help promote the game in a more eclectic, artful and unexpected way. Golf is about recreation and camaraderie, and these clothes embody that spirit and philosophy.” - John Ashworth

The other day I tried out a sporty polo - referred to as the LS101 - with a charcoal print and a traditional look. I especially liked the collar buttons on this particular style as it provided the shirt a unique look without being too overbearing or loud in terms of color or design. Coupled with the soft dark color, the shirt's appearance was both comfortable and sophisticated without the need of neon colors or intricate patterns.

The feel of the shirt was by far the most impressive feature. While the design is 100% cotton, the shirt itself is completely wrinkle-free and "unshrinkable" due to the flexibility of the shirt's fabric and overall durability. The shirt itself was light-weight, but not flimsy. Even in the most humid temperatures I have experience in awhile in Chicago, the shirt kept me cool and dry throughout the round. At the end of the day the shirt still appeared new and relatively "unworn" as opposed to sloppy or like I just played 36 holes in the Amazon.

If you are looking to try a new golf clothing line from a familiar name in fashion and quality, I highly recommend trying out the new LINKSOUL selection from John Ashworth.

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