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KP Golf Tape is the most accurate golf measuring tape on the market

Have you ever had the shot of your life on a par-3 and wondered exactly how far your ball was away from the hole? While playing a match against your friends, have you ever struggled with deciding who was away on the putting green? Have you ever wanted to practice putts from a specific distance to improve your game? The answer to all of these questions just became simple: the KP Golf Tape.

KP Golf Tape is a revolutionary new measuring tape that features a clip that firmly but easily attaches to any flagstick and still has the ability to spin freely 360 degrees. It allows the user to measure multiple putting green distances without having to reattach the clip, making measurements fast and simple. Now there will never be a question on how far any golf ball is away from the hole on the putting surface.

So what? Why would anyone want to carry a measuring tape in their golf bag? Trust me; you don't know how useful it could be until you're in a situation where a distance measurement is needed.

Inventor Dave Roark explains:

For golf courses, the KP Golf Tape can be used at tournaments for closest-to-the-pin contests, used by the staff to set up circles around the cup for putting contests, measure chip-offs, or any other circumstances that you would need to measure a ball's proximity to the hole.

For individuals, the tape can be used for setting up putting drills, chipping drills, closest-to-the-pin bets, and keeping track of stats for proximity to the hole on approach shots.

Trust me; I never thought I would ever have the need for a measuring tape in my golf bag. Most of the time proximity to the hole is just an afterthought for a weekend hacker like myself. But after trying the KP Golf Tape, I now have another invaluable training tool that will help me improve my putting from specific distances and provides me the opportunity to track stats I would have never even thought of tracking in the past.

For details or ordering information, visit their website at www.kpgolftape.com or email Dave at dave@kpgolftape.com.

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