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John Daly: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Perhaps one of the most entertaining and controversial players on any professional tour, John Daly has proven to be the PGA's bad boy time, and time... and time again. Just how "bad" has Daly been over his career? Well, if you are in the mood for some light reading, his 456-page rap sheet would be a good start.
According to an article posted on USAToday.com, Daly's memoirs of badness reached the astonishing bulk (pun intended) after 18 years in professional golf. Starting in April of 1991 and ending in the Fall of 2008 (when Daly was suspended for six months), the document lists the following highlights:
- Five total suspensions for reasons ranging from not trying hard enough to aggrivated assault.
- Twenty-one citations for "not giving his best effort".
- Placed on PGA Tour probation six times.
- Ordered to attending counseling for drug and alcohol abuse seven times.
- Cited for behavior unbecoming of a professional eleven times.
- Nearly $100,000 in various fines.
- Evidence of trashing a hotel room in 1997 during the Players Championship.
- Reports of fighting with a 62-year old man at Firestone.
Since the above has become public knowledge recently, Daly has also attempted to sue a columnist from the Florida Times-Union for libel. Needless to say, Daly did not win the lawsuit and the action was dismissed in March 2009.

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