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Introducing the Striker Golf GPS

striker golf gpsThe mobile device market has been flooded recently by a number of new golf applications that promise to help your swing, give you yardage and even keep your score. However, there hasn't really been a decent app released that simply helps you have more fun while playing golf. Introducing the new Striker Golf GPS app.

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Why is it Different?
Striker golf has designed a unique Live Scorecard and Leaderboard with the ability to create most of the golf games with handicaps that you or your friends might want to play; whether it is an individual or team game or a Ryder Cup game ( best ball, alternate shot, better ball, match play ). All of these features are set up and scored on a unique Live Scorecard which will manage all of your calculations.
In addition, they have incorporated social media into the app. You can send broadcast messages to your buddies, view everyone’s scorecard live, and trash talk.
What about the GPS?
And don’t let me forget to mention that I believe that the actual GPS to be better than the established leaders. Striker may have the only GPS app that keeps both the scoring and statistics buttons on the same screen as the GPS map. This design in the user interface allows users to keep score and statistics without changing the screen. I believe the benefits of this interface increases the ease of use, the speed, and the battery life compared to other GPS apps available.
Watch the video
Take a look at the demo video at http://www.youtube.com/user/StrikerGolfGPS/videos. There, you will see a description of the app. You will also see a description of Striker's website where they are working on the ability to accommodate larger games and tournaments. You can download Striker on the app store and it is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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