Introducing the new TaylorMade RSi Irons Series


taylormade rsi irons Face slots? This is what we've resorted to?

On Wednesday, TaylorMade Golf unveiled their newest iron series upgrade in the form of the RSi 1, RSi 2, and RSi TP models. The distinguishing feature on these beauties? Each iron features not one, but TWO "slots" on the clubface.

taylormade rsi face

What's the point? According to the company, these face slots behave similarly to the Speed Pocket from two years ago insofar as players will see a boost in distance on every iron shot. This is especially true for mishits on the heel or toe; two areas of the clubface that would normally equate to a loss in distance and accuracy.

As is the norm for any iron series release, TaylorMade has designed its RSi models to cater to all handicap levels. The RSi 1 model, for example, is meant for mid-to-high handicap players while the RSi TP ("Tour Preferred") will benefit the better player. The irons will range in price from $799 to $1299 (MSRP).

I've not had the opportunity to hit these irons just yet, but I am skeptical right from the start. Call me crazy, but any time you have open slots on a piece of metal, that usually results in a weaker structure all around. At the very least you'll need to spend extra time cleaning dirt out of the face slots after every shot. But I might be too negative before trying out a truly innovative idea.

The TaylorMade RSi 1 and RSi 2 irons will be released on November 14. The RSi TP model will be on store shelves in January 2015.