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Improving Your Game: Golf Exercises

For most golfers, gaining those few extra yards off the tee remains a constant goal regardless of age or gender. However, most golfers believe that achieving this increase in distance comes from pounding hundreds of balls on the driving range or from purchasing the newest clubs. While most equipment can provide some improvement in this category, performing exercises geared towards the golf swing can benefit the golfer immensely.

When beginning a golf-exercise program, the player should focus on his or her core, arms, and legs. Exercises performed in a rotational manner (such as mimicking the golf swing while holding a small dumbbell) can impact more than one muscle group simultaneously. Maintaining proper form and balance throughout the above exercise is critical, however, in order to achieve maximum benefit and decrease the chance for injury substantially.

Exercise balls can be the golfer's best friend due to the high number of exercises that can be performed. Players can effectively perform sit-ups, push-ups, and various additional movements on the ball which can focus entirely on the stomach, gluts, and back core muscles critical to the golf swing.

No matter what type of exercise program or techniques a player decides on, he or she must remember that building large muscle bulk is not the goal with these types of exercises. In fact, many times increased muscle bulk can be counter-productive and potentially harm your swing. Smaller weights and increased repetitions should be the focus in order to maintain flexibility while increasing fine muscle strength.

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