If You Thought He Was Quiet Before...

... just wait for the next few months; Tiger isn't going to say anything to anybody.

For the most part, the recent Tiger interviews by ESPN and The Golf Channel proved absolutely nothing new. We already knew what basically happened the night after Thanksgiving. Does it matter if Elin was chasing Tiger with a golf club, or if Tiger was drugged up on Ambien? It shouldn't matter; unless, of course, you are a tabloid junkie looking for another fix. We also found out about the mistresses all on our own. Do we need Tiger to go and name every one of them for us to check off on our list?

Tiger has always kept his private life private, and with the necessary exception of a public apology has basically played his cards close to his chest. During the interviews, Tiger let us know how badly he felt about how he acted, treated his family, and tarnished his image as a role model to children. All of that was needed and definitely understood. However can't remorse be assumed in some instances?

I have made my opinions known rather dilligently regarding this ongoing saga and have been met with both criticism and agreement. The bottom line is this: Tiger never did anything to me, and my "relationship" with him remains what is always has been... me watching him on television or on the course during golf tournaments. If I had to guess, I would say that most people can say the same thing. However, it is this same group of people who want to know more, more, more.

Face it; what Tiger offered to two cable networks in 5-minute windows is all the information anyone is going to get. Thousands of people will rationalize reasons for wanting to know more about a personal matter (not to mention that the same people would want to keep such details private if the tables were turned), but there will be nothing more to find out.