I Wish More People Cared About the LPGA

I completely understand the popular opinion: most fans of a particular sport will prefer men's results over women's. While I do not necessarily agree with this mindset and prefer to think that all sport, regardless of gender, can be exciting. Unfortunately, I think I would be fighting a losing battle. However, I digress.

Case and point: the LPGA is in the middle of one heck of a golf tournament, the Samsung World Championship, yet nobody seems to care. At least, you would think nobody cares based on the small number of articles written and lackluster television coverage pertaining to the tournament. The top 20 golfers in the LPGA are playing one of the most famous golf courses in the world, and shooting lights-out in the process.

But where is the coverage of the tournament? Am I that naive to think that gender has absolutely nothing to do with this lack of coverage?

Perhaps all hope is not lost, however, when the event is a more "popular" choice among sport fans. When the Solheim Cup took place just a few weeks ago, televisions and websites and magazines couldn't get enough of Christina Kim, Michelle Wie, Julie Inkster, and every other American golfer on that squad. Shortly after the last champagne bottle was uncorked, however, the LPGA basically disappeared once again.

I simply do not understand it.