How to use your adjustable driver you got for Christmas


Adjustable drivers can be pretty intimidating if you've never owned one before, thanks to the multitude of moving parts and technology every brand offers these days. Don't worry; here's a high-level look at how you can make the most out of that new adjustable driver you found under the Christmas tree this year.

What is 'Effective Loft?'

Before we get into the bells and whistles of your fancy new driver, let's take a moment to discuss a topic that many people don't understand: effective loft.

Back in 2013, I wrote about effective loft and how it is affected with specific adjustment settings on new drivers and fairway woods and got decent feedback from those in the equipment industry. What I find sad, however, is that for every golf club retailer that takes the time to explain this concept to a consumer before they purchase a new club, there's probably 100 others who never address the issue. This isn't a topic to be taken lightly.

Long story short, "effective loft" refers to how much loft your driver has at impact. This can differ greatly from whatever loft your club is currently set to (for example, 10.5 degrees), and can also change with your individual swing. For instance, the position of your hands in relation to the golf ball at impact -- ahead of, behind, or neutral -- will artificially decrease or increase the effective loft that club has when it contacts the ball.