Hickory Golf Association (HGA)

Let me first begin this brief post with a remark that many of you probably already assumed: I don't get out of the house much.  With that being said, the fact that I haven't at least stumbled upon the Hickory Golf Association (HGA) website (even on accident) is pretty amazing to me.  At over 3 million members, the HGA has been a long-established twist on the game of golf that can appeal to almost any golfer, especially those who appreciate the history of the game and how far technology has come throughout the years.The premise and mission of the HGA is pretty simple: to maintain traditions of excellence in the promotion of golf and equipment used or equipment crafted as it was in the hickory era, circa pre-1935.  That's right folks; we're talking about niblicks, mashies, and wooden golf shafts.  The only modern piece of technology that the HGA allows within its membership is the golf ball, which has come a long way since gutta percha.  According to the HGA's website, membership in the association "provides valuable benefits and services" such as holding professional and amateur circuit tournaments in addition to numerous annual charity events around the country.  The HGA is so large, in fact, that many golf courses in the U.S. have implemented a "hickory-friendly" option to members who are looking for a course in their local area.  Furthermore, the HGA boasts a vision that aims to deliver more business opportunities to its members who are hickory club collectors, accredited golf repair technicians, and even tournament sponsors.

I've never held a hickory golf club, let alone hit a ball with one.  I'm also not one to collect much sports memorabilia, but this type of Association is something that even a youngblood like me can appreciate.  Well, and besides... if I can play a round of golf with only 4 clubs, that is a win in my book.