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Grantland: Dr. V's Magical Putter


Caleb Hannan over at Grantland.com published an incredible longform story of Dr. V's Magical Putter, a mysterious female inventor for designed a "scientifically superior" putter. If you've got a few minutes this morning, definitely read the piece as it's one of the best I've read in a while. This is one video starring golf commentator Gary McCord and tour player Steve Elkington referenced in Hannan's piece:

A few points about this article that I found particularly interesting:

  1. It's amazing to me that the original Tight Lies golf hybrid rescued Adams Golf (pun intended) from the depths of bankruptcy years ago. It is equally disturbing interesting that independent putter companies routinely go broke.
  2. How many "groundbreaking" ideas are contrived in locker rooms? I have a hard time believing (or allowing myself to believe) that multi-million dollar business ventures start off as impulsive dreams from angry men and women. I must be naive.
  3. Everything we know about golf club qualities like "Moment of Inertia" and "center of gravity" might be completely wrong. Also, is it possible to patent a law of physics? Someone find that out for me.
  4. Amateur golfers, like me, are a fickle bunch. Why are we so obsessed with playing the same equipment that our favorite pros play? Psychologically, why do sports fans follow this trend? Are we so desperate for immediate gratification that we resort to playing equipment we have no business touching?
  5. Aaron Baddeley used the Yar putter and benefited greatly, according to Hannan's piece. Why did he stop using the putter? Was he really pressured by a competing putter company to make the switch? How many question marks can I fit in a sentence??
  6. Not to spoil the ending of the article, but Hannan does an amazing amount of research into 'Dr. V." to a point that inspires me to be a better writer.

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