Golfnetx HoleInOner Bottle Opener Review


When it comes to supporting independent golf companies, I'm all for spreading the word on products I've actually used and enjoy. I recently came across the Golfnetx HoleInOner bottle opener and knew I could put it to good use. Repeatedly.

As you can probably guess, the Golfnetx HoleInOner is your typical bottle opener built into a high-quality, highly durable magnetic base perfect for displaying your company's logo or design of your choice.

golfnetx holeinoner


What I like most about the Golfnetx HoleInOner -- besides it's ability to help me get beer into my mouth faster -- is how visible it is on my refrigerator. Assuming I was a major company looking for a cost-effective, fast way to get my name out to potential customers (hint, hint), the HoleInOner is a perfectly convenient marketing tool.

How visible is "really visible"? Considering the fact that an average family will look at their fridge 15,000 times a year, chances are I'll be seeing the HoleInOner multiple times a day. It's an ingenious marketing device, really.

To learn more about the Golfnetx HoleInOner bottle opener, be sure to visit the company website here.