Golfer's Scorecard Confession Earns Recognition

Perhaps chivalry in the great game of golf is not lost, and we need not look any further than a former Ohio high school player.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Adam Van Houten of Mount Gilead High School in Ohio made a mistake on his state championship scorecard in 2005 that eventually cost him the title.
A playing partner had written down a 5 for the 10th hole instead of 6. Van Houten pointed out the mistake to officials and was disqualified because he'd already signed the card.

In an analogous showcase of class and accolade, Sports Illustrated has now placed Van Houten on its list of Sportsmanship of the Decade list. Noticing a mistake on one's scorecard and admitting to the error is one thing; doing so during a state championship match is another.

Van Houten is still playing competitive golf on a collegiate level at George Mason University.