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Golf Unfiltered Podcast 49: Is Tiger Woods about to retire?


Luke Kerr-Dineen from USA Today's For the Win blog returns to the Golf Unfiltered Podcast to discuss Tiger Woods' latest press conference... and what it means for Tiger's career. Luke and I share our initial reaction to hearing the thoughts and sounds of Tiger's depressing presser in the days leading up to this week's Hero World Challenge. This was not the usual Tiger we see on the podium, and it almost seemed like he has accepted the idea of retiring. But is it too soon? What more can we expect from this generation's best golfer? Has the initial reaction been too 'knee-jerk'?

We then put our respective armchair psychologist hats on as we try to make sense of the enigma that is Tiger Woods. Has he ever truly recovered from the pain of losing his father? Or did his public scandal in 2009 play more of a role in shaping the man we see today?

Things get deep in this episode, so be sure to listen via the player below!

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