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Golf Unfiltered Podcast: The Old Lady Returns


On today's EMERGENCY episode of the Golf Unfiltered Podcast, The Old Lady (aka "my wife") makes her triumphant return to talk about the PGA Championship! Kristen and I discuss everything you could possibly hope to know about this season's final major:

  • Why are bunkers so stupid?
  • How many drugs does Dustin Johnson do?
  • Why does Rory McIlroy have to be such a pansy?
  • And isn't that Jordan Spieth fellow just so damn mature?

Plus, Kristen offers her rundown of how she thinks the biggest names in the sport (except Sergio Garcia, who she says is the "LeBron James of golf") will fare this week at Whistling Straits.

Always a crowd favorite. Never disappoints. The Old Lady once again makes her mark on the golf world.

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