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Golf Unfiltered Podcast Episode 7: Identifying Waste in the Golf Industry


8 wastes  

The Golf Unfiltered Podcast returns this week with a special episode dedicated to boring the shit out of all of you. Just kidding; we talk about the different types of waste inherent in the current golf equipment industry.

Adam shares a bit about his background as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and how it applies to identifying issues within the golf equipment industry. The eight different types of organizational waste are discussed, specifically two which run rampant among golf's original equipment manufacturers (OEMs): inventory and overproduction.

As has been discussed on this site in the past, the wastes of inventory and overproduction can be clearly seen in the product cycle habits exhibited by many big names in the golf club business. For example, whenever a new driver is released weeks after a previous model, golf store owners are forced to discount the "old" products to make way for the new. The newer products cannibalize the old, and store owners are caught in the middle.

You can listen to this week's podcast via the media player below. Be sure to subscribe to the Golf Unfiltered Podcast on iTunes. Continue the conversation with Adam by posting your thoughts in the comments below, finding him on Twitter at @AdamJFonseca or sending him an email at adam@golfunfiltered.com.

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