Golf Unfiltered Podcast 53: Who is the Secret Tour Pro? (Part I)


In the year's final episode of the Golf Unfiltered Podcast, we begin the first of a two-part series detailing the mystery and intrigue that surrounds Twitter's Secret Tour Pro. Read our first exclusive email interview with STP here.

In Part I, we welcome the assistant of the STP to the show to give even more insight into his identity. Why did he start the Twitter account? Why all the anonymity? What are the benefits of going down this path, and what does STP hope to gain from this?

We discuss some of the tactics the STP has used to give clues to his Twitter followers and what the end game is when all is said and done. Does the STP want to be uncovered? Will there ever be a big reveal? Perhaps in Part II of this series...?

We even touch on a blockbuster equipment deal between Under Armour and another manufacturer that almost came true.

If you're a fan of the Secret Tour Pro and the mystery that surrounds him, this is an episode that you don't want to miss!