Golf Unfiltered Podcast 48: Stephanie Wei


Stephanie Wei, owner of and writer for multiple golf news outlets joins the Golf Unfiltered Podcast this week. Stephanie explains how she got her start in golf writing and the many iterations of her popular golf blog. She and I discuss the ups and downs of golf blogging, including a few items that many readers probably don't realize about the industry. How did Stephanie grow her audience and notoriety in the business? What does she consider her first "big break?"

We then lead into a frank discussion of Stephanie's recent run-in with the PGA Tour after filming players with the smartphone app, Periscope. What happened in the days, weeks, and months that followed the incident? Has Stephanie's view on the situation changed over time, or does it remain the same? Things get REAL in this segment.

Finally, Stephanie and I trade takes on the latest USGA handicap rule change. Was it fair? How many people could this impact? Why can't I just be allowed to cheat to feel good about myself?

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