Golf Unfiltered Podcast 47: Daily Fantasy Golf is Illegal and We Are All Criminals


Matt Castonguay, Golf Expert, is back on the Golf Unfiltered Podcast to share more stories about being a gambling degenerate! Matt and I dive deep into the recent developments surrounding the legality of daily fantasy sports and how the two of us are probably going to jail. What will our lives be like in prison? Which of us will be stabbed in the prison yard first? We discuss these and even more important questions to open the show.

We then shift gears to talk about Boo Weekley and his opinions on the PGA Tour wraparound schedule. Does Boo have a point? Are veteran players with families and outside interests becoming pushed to the wayside as a result of the new format? Is Boo slowly turning into a man-bear-pig?

We close the show with "Is this player ranked higher or lower than Tiger Woods?"

This episode is a complete mess and therefore one you don't want to miss!

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