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Golf Unfiltered Podcast 35: 2015 BMW Championship and World Rankings


The Golf Unfiltered Podcast is back after a week-long hiatus, and Matt Castonguay from BunkersParadise.com is back to shower us with his golden thoughts. Matt and I have an in-depth discussion about the Official World Golf Rankings that ultimately leads down a rabbit hole of despair. Does the system work? Is there a better way to rank the world's best golfers? Do we even need a system and if so, what purpose will it serve? WHY DOESN'T MATT KNOW MORE MATH?

We then switch gears and preview the 2015 BMW Championship from SWEET HOME CHICAGO (Conway Farms). How's the course going to lay out? Which players will take what they learned from 2013 and apply it to this week? We answer these questions and more on today's episode.

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