Golf Unfiltered Podcast 32: The Old Lady Takes Over


See what happens when I leave town for two days? My wife, Kristen, otherwise known as The Old Lady, takes the reigns of the Golf Unfiltered Podcast to deliver a very special surprise episode. Oh, and trust me. It's special alright.

Kristen serves up a number of hot takes on women's sports in general, prompted by a Twitter question she received about women's golf. Does Kristen enjoy watching male sports more than female? Which sports are the most boring to her? I really need to hide my podcasting equipment.

Kristen then turns her attention to a week-overdue breakdown of the Wyndham Championship, specifically focusing on her undying love for Mr. Tiger Woods.

If there was ever an episode of the Golf Unfiltered Podcast you don't want to miss, it's definitely this one.

Oh, and you'll definitely want to listen all the way to the end. Trust me. It's magic.

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