Golf Unfiltered Podcast 21: Rory's Injury, Danny Lee and Tiger Woods


Riding solo on today's podcast as I recap some of the more newsworthy items from the past week. This episode starts off discussing Rory McIlroy's ridiculous ankle injury and the even more ridiculous hot takes from the media that soon followed. What are Rory's chances to play in the British Open? Do we really expect these superstar athletes to live in a bubble? If so, I'd bet that bubble comes with Netflix.

The topic shifts to Danny Lee's first win on the PGA Tour, what it means for his career and what we can expect from the youngster moving forward.

Finally, any podcast wouldn't be complete without a few minutes discussing Tiger Woods. How did his swing look this week at The Greenbrier? Why in the world won't Tiger heed the advice on my Twitter feed and slow his swing tempo down? What are his chances at the wide-open St. Andrews course in a couple weeks?

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